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First Post...

I think I get this community started with this...

I'm 22, male, single and have no children. But I have to say that since I was about 15 I've been able to "see" my children in my mind's eye. I've given them arbitraty names for the time being, names of people that have inspired me or have traits I see, or hope to see in my kids.

For some reason when I see my kids they're standing in my kitchen in age order from left to right, they're in their teens then the oldest being just 21.

Austen Grant - (21) My oldest, dirty blonde hair, tall, slender, green eyes. A bit reserved much more serious than his lighthearted sister and fairly carefree brother. A bit shy, but is a reservoir of knowledge, thoughts and feelings. He's a reflector, always thinking never satisfied with the way things are. We clash because those are traits I've been fighting my entire life and he doesn't understand that. But things are better now that he's beginning to see things in a much more adult way.

Lauren Elizabeth (Lizzy) - (19) My girl. Sandy blonde hair just like my mother's, bright green eyes and a gorgeous smile. I think of laughter, happiness and a real feet on the ground soul soaring through the air feeling when I think of her. Able to do anything she wants but very much the modern, independent Southern lady I raised her to be.

Greggory Brion (Gregg)- (17) My youngest son, my height (5'8"), dark brown hair, deep brown eyes looks different than his siblings. In fact he looks like me and the feeling I get when I think about him is that he's my favorite. Not that I wouldn't love my children equally but we think alike and share the same interests. Much more casual than his brother, very much the ladies man but not a user, everything I never was in high school cool, popular and happy.

The funny thing is although I can clearly see my kids I can't even fathom what my wife looks like. I guess that's one of those things that is yet to be revealed. As for myself I see myself as the dad I never had. For most of my kids childhood's I was a big man, I gained the pregnancy weight for three kids and had the midnight cravings for 9 months and the morning sickness to go with it (basing this on the male family members history of getting morning sickness and weight gain during their wives pregnancies) balloning up to 350-375. My kids didn't care, my wife and with my wife and I both working and trying to take care of a family there was little time for personal care. Then one day while eating a hamburger at McDonald's I see a very large man walk through the door with his family. They sit across from me and I watch him squeeze into the booth. I think to myself "glad I'm not as big as that guy". As I'm leaving I refill my supersized cup and the man is in front of me. I look down at the tag on his jeans size 56...only a size larger than I'm wearing and these are not the most loosest jeans in my closet. That's the day I decided that it was time to do something. Now in the scene I see I'm lean and trim really for the first time in my life. Lizzy and I are to run in a charity marathon in a month. How things change...

I hope that's a good enough example of what this community is here to do. Think about what you want from life or how you think things will play out.

Happy posting!
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