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Because Christmas is coming again...

When I was a kid I used to think that by the time I was 22 my life would be great. I imagined myself having left high school as one of the most remembered kids ever to grace it's halls, I imagined my college years as a collection of girls, booze, fraternity parties and the occasional crack of a book.

than I imagined. By graduation I would have met the woman that would become my wife, two years together from a chance meeting in a study group to holidays spent together. I will admit that I did meet a nice girl, a pretty girl with a brilliant smile, a cute laugh, a girl with intelligence and wit. But she had a boyfriend; this is the story of my life if she had said yes...

That Thanksgiving we'd have only been on a couple dates so we weren't serious but I found myself calling her more times than I should and talking longer than two people should on a phone. On the way back to school we coordinated our trips so we could drive back together.

Soon after was our first Christmas together, by now we were together. Near the end of the first semester we were sitting in the RA Office while I was on duty, L sitting in my lap the two of us primarily killing time. She gets up and pulls a beautifully wrapped box out of her bag. I smile because I have her present in my pocket. I open my box and inside is a sterling silver ring, with her initials engraved on the inside. Right after I kiss her on the forehead and pull her gift from my pocket. She opens it to revel an amber cross just like one she admired in a movie we saw together.

That Christmas it snowed, one of the few times it ever snowed in our college town. Snuggled warmly in her beige Pea coat, jeans and winter boots she tries to take me out with a snowball. I let her pretend she's got me till she gets closer when I grab her and we fall together into the snow. Cold and wet we return to a warm house with a bright Christmas tree, warm cocoa and blankets on the floor.

During the Holiday I met her family and she met mine. She also met my closest friends. She was late getting there and when she walked in my good friend Jeremy said "wow, she's pretty...that's not your girl is it? Because...(he makes odd noises)" Keeping my mouth shut she walks over, I stand and peck her cheek. I remove her wrap and revel her beautiful and fashionable dress. A couple of mouths were open, but soon she charmed them all with her warm friendliness.

For the first New Year's in a long time I had someone to kiss at midnight. No more hiding in the bathroom for the first 2 minutes of the New Year.

When I graduated there she was snapping pictures, hugging me, congratulating me, laughing with my parents and family, helping my mother and aunts shop for clothes to wear to the ceremony that wouldn't embarrass me. Giving someone for my father to make stupid chauvinist jokes to that wouldn't kick him in the crotch.

Soon after we spend a week at the beach together, getting sunburned and going to all the tourist traps. My birthday rolls around and there she is planning a surprise party for me. And although a bit saddened that our time together will be limited she is happy for my acceptance to Grad School. She helps me move and although we're only 2 hours apart we call each other every night.

She comes to the Clemson games, dressed to the nines in Orange cheering as if her life depended on it. She brings steaks to cook for Tailgating and doesn't have to have her beer in a cup, the can is fine thank you. She prods me to be more excited about the game and I just can't help but do it.

Now it's the Holidays again, we gave out candy to little kids at Halloween, spent our first Thanksgiving together, mostly travelling between two houses. And now we're shopping for people together, making me get up at 5 am to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. No man that doesn't love someone would do that.

All because she said yes that day...
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